Fundraising & Grant writing

The grant writing aspect of fundraising is telling the story to find support for a real need. It is about making a social difference in society – for real people. When I am writing a Case Statement or a Letter of Inquiry, I am asking someone to support a real social value.

The community in which you live and work, probably need a very real thing: you need a new building where students can learn a vocational career; the children in your community might come from low-income families and need to be delivered your lunch boxes, at their schools; or your community might not have a shelter for dogs. Anything that a community needs, that people in the community need, is worth asking money for. And there are people out there who want to give. Foundations are actually required to give as part of their IRS Revenue Report.

I work for NGO’s, as well as for people who need support, and help them to raise the support they need. I am here, to tell your story. I will do all the background research and find those exact foundations and people out there who are looking to help – exactly – you.

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