Business Translations

What is a “Business Translation” Proposal? What does it entail?


Do I need to understand about markets? Yes
Do I need to know the “Customer”? Yes
Do I need to understand his/her language codes? Yes
Do I need to know about Industry? Yes

To translate properly for a business, you need to have the ability of a project manager. You need to know more about the company you are translating for, than even they do. You need to know their product, their style, their theme, their code of ethics, the market for which they are aiming.

Sometimes, just translating a text, is not enough. Sometimes I will write-over, in order for the overall marketing message to reach the ear and the heart, of your customer.

Here at we have translated for all types of businesses – from the Medical field, to Legal and Notary translations, to translating for Educational and Government Institutions; All of our translations are from English to Hebrew or from Hebrew to English, including Editing and Proofreading services by a certified Editor.


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